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MK8 Hacking, yes or no?
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
MKGirlism Pablo suggested me to add an MK8 Section in the Hack Store.
I could as well just ask the Staff about this, but that would be to elitist, so I decided to ask it everyone.

So, the Question is simple: Is anybody here interested in MK8 Hacking?
And if so, should we as well Host MK8 Custom Tracks, Texture Hacks, etc. here?

Keep in mind, that MK8 is not a Handheld Mario Kart, but at the other hand, looking at those who are supposed to take care of it, their Community seems to be dead on arrival, like they would keep all the MK8 Hacking for themselves, which is obviously what we won't do.

I was originally considering MKSC as a candidate, but our amount of available GBA Tools and knowledge is pretty much 0.
Meanwhile, we already have Wii U Tools included inside the DS & 3DS Hack Pack (and hopefully, we could stimulate Gericom to make new progress with EFE, at last).
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
MK7tester I'd be down. Although if MK8 CTs eventually became a thing, it would be very difficult for an average joe like myself to make track models as complex and detailed as the ones in Mario Kart 8 already. Most CTs would probably look like crap compared to what's offered in the actual game.
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
B.B I don't like Mario Kart 8 in any way, but hacking I may be OK with. Partially because MK8's community is mostly dead, and the few people working on hacking it internally are elitist and keep everything to themselves. It'd be nice if we could offer another alternative for those interested in hacking it, for educational purposes, ideally.

As MK7tester mentioned, MK8's tracks are ridiculously detailed, a one-man job on professional-looking CTs is not a possibility if that is to happen. They will mostly look like shit.

So, my stance is: maybe. I would rather keep the focus on MKDS and MK7.
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
MKGirlism Did MKW CTs ever look better than actual MKW Tracks, to begin with?
Besides, if we offer an option, it doesn't mean you must use it.

So far, only MKDS had CTs of better quality than actual MKDS Tracks, in my opinion, although a select few MK7 CTs are awesomely made, also.
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
Arctus 64 Eh, I'm not too keen on the idea, but if there are people that are, then I guess that would be okay.
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
SGC Yellow I don't think I'll ever hack MK8 but when I see people keep things like this to themselves it pisses me off. So I say give the people who do want to hack it a way to do so!
Author Posted on 2016/01/06
Did MKW CTs ever look better than actual MKW Tracks, to begin with?

Not...better, but near the end there were definitely some CTs that looked like they could have been in the vanilla game.

Author Posted on 2016/01/06
ステーウィ1.0 I don't mind if there's a section for MK8 Hacking. Although, if I hack MK8, I probably would only change the music, and maybe make some texture hacks
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
PabloMK7 We have everything except a kcl generator to make a CT, so why not?
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
Yawshi I don't think we need an MK8 hacking section here. Considering how few people can actually hack their Wii Us and the fact that this site is mostly about handheld Mario Kart games I don't deem it necessary. Maybe in a year or 2s time but not now.
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
Platinatic The amount of skill, time and discipline to make one custom track for MK8 is insane. Especially if you want it to fit into the game without looking out of place.

...on the other hand you would have no limits making your models 'cause the Wii U is a beast compared to any other nintendo console that we have today.
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
Miles Ermiiworth Definitely not.
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
szymbar Sooooo... Let's sum it up.
1. No tools
2. No 5.5 exploit
3. No interest from the devscene for now
4. This is a -DS-Hack page, not Wiihack
Do we really need it? @_@
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
Gericom I don't think it's needed. As other people said, it's not very easy to make the hacks work on a wii u currently.
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
MKGirlism I'll cast the last vote of this Poll: No.

1. We're a Handheld Mario Kart Community, MK8 will contradict it.
2. At the moment, out of all of us, only Pablo can do MK8 Hacks (or at the very least, test those out).
3. If there's still a need to show MK8 Hacks, we have a "ROM Hacking" Section, where all non-MKDS or non-MK7 Hacks can be shown.
4. Tools and knowledge definitely exist, but as everyone else said, creating good Tracks will be a pain.

Very exciting Poll this time, as "yes" and "no" went neck-to-neck.
This doesn't happen much.