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How to change other music?
Author Posted on 2016/10/09
User 332 Sorry for so many posts, I just had a couplr of questions.

I know you can edit music in this game with sound/stream, but some of the songs aren't in that directory, such as the lose and win themes in a race. Is there any possible way to edit these, and where are they located?
Author Posted on 2016/10/09
MKGirlism These songs can be found in the ".bcsar" file.
At the moment, there is no tool that can open/edit it, meaning you're dependent on a Hex Editor, meaning that you can fuck it up really easily.
ステーウィ1.0 (Stewie1.0) knows how to do it, although he seems to prioritise his time on Project Miku Hacking right now.

If you want to proceed anyway, here are some Hex Editors I personally recommend:
Linux: Bless.
Mac: Hex Fiend.
Windows: Hx D.
Author Posted on 2016/10/10
PabloMK7 Actually the win/lose sound is in cseq format. (Sort of a midi). It can't ne edited for now.
Author Posted on 2016/10/10
User 332 Okay! Thanks for the info.