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Thread: Models making/preview.
Author Posted on 2015/10/27
Baoulettes Hello ^^
New here but used to be active few years ago on Mario Kart Wii stuff so I know what it look like to make things ^^

Now here my question (totaly new to 3Ds or even DS making)
What file does hold the course models ?
What not possible yet?
Like can we make moveable objects?
Animated texture ?
Normal map /Mip Map /bump map possible?
Also I got 3Ds max only, is there a way to import/export from it for Mario Kart Seven :)?

Thanks it will help a lot.
My idea is to port my Custom track from Wii to 3Ds (if you search mkw baoulettes on youtube you might see what was my CT^^)
Thread: Models making/preview.
Author Posted on 2015/10/27
Baoulettes I know that we can do pretty much everything.
About moveable object I was telling a mesh with bones structure and animation. ^^

My main question what how to make a models from max to 3ds ^^
Like the file format it use, software used beside a modelling software :)
Thread: Models making/preview.
Author Posted on 2015/10/28
Baoulettes Well explained, thank you !
I think I got the keys, now only need to make the doors that goes with ahah
Thread: MK7 CT
Author Posted on 2015/10/28
Baoulettes Same problem as you, currently trying to figure out what cause it ^^
Thread: MK7 CT
Author Posted on 2015/10/28
Baoulettes Well here a little tips (I got it working on max 2014)

To correct the first problem "Unknown keyword "count" "
add "NW4C_ROOT" Environnement variable in the dirrectory that go Every 3DS NW4C tool (creative studio etc)
Then open Macroscript debugger (listenner)
It will tell you everything it need and where it need to be :)
Thread: MK7 CT
Author Posted on 2015/10/29
Baoulettes That almost what I did (different folder)
But to make everything working after that I just suggest to look at the listenner ^^
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2015/11/10

Here what I am working on :)
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2015/11/10
Baoulettes I use vertex paint modifier as in Alpha Channel :)
(3ds max*)
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2015/11/12
GCN Bowser's Castle?

Yes it is sorry i had not seen it directly :)
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2015/11/15
Well for me the drawing distance work fine ? ^^
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2015/11/18
Baoulettes @TheZoroark007 Creative studio :)
In material go into Fragment to make the shader.
Then create Cmata (material animation files) and play with curbes :)
hope it help.
If no I gonna try to make better explain tomorrow :)
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2015/11/22
Baoulettes Hum.
Maybe learning fragment would help a lot to make pretty boost pad?^^
Thread: Your favorite Consoles.
Author Posted on 2016/07/27
Baoulettes Xbox 360 there!

Kidding ! but the choice is too hard between 3ds and n64.
Both got Zelda OOT.
One have souvenir the other quality.
I will cast 3DS (Tank not the one that been released after it)
Thread: Changing the default character lighting effect on courses
Author Posted on 2016/07/31
Baoulettes <- Test ->
you need to add a light in the CMDL.
Also to make it properly you need to set fragment light on on material + primary colour in fragment.
and with that light add also a Scene environment, like you light in it and you're good to go.

Without light & Scene environment that why peoples say Fragment light crash :)
Thread: Changing the default character lighting effect on courses
Author Posted on 2016/07/31
Baoulettes yes yes I just realised that why I deleted my post (btw you're a ninja!)
Thread: KMP Expander - a MK7 KMP Editor
Author Posted on 2016/07/31
Baoulettes I can't wait to try it !
Especially Point radius and color (working with grass texture in background is soooo hard xD)
Thread: [CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
Baoulettes Hello

I present you here my incoming custom track.
After a long absence of myself (maintly due the fact i had to repair my 3DS) here I am.

This custom track had first design on paper because I love drawing I used to watch ton of mario kart video all game serie to get what their special touch is and my goal in all my CT for now will be to keep that special paw they put in their work.

So here we go I will post time line screenshot dev to in game this way you will know how i proceed in creation in case you wonder :)

ScreenShot :
All pictures are clickable to get them in full resolution :)
I started with a simple road first.

Then I started to apply a texture (notice that still the same I use now :D)

but what is a road without "wall" to keep them? Well terrain formation here i come :)

You will say, that good Baou but where are your promised falls ?! well here two tiny then ...

And so these two was too tiny ? you wanted to see it from close? here you go big FALLs and a bridge near it. Enjoy :D

That cool but i want another bridge ... and .. an ARROW !

Now what about we go Under falls but not in water more like... Say no more !

You want more falls ? mountain ? and more bridge and boost pad?

Now all my dev screenshot are done here the tiny map itself to give you an idea :)

Now let see my first test ingame maintly focused on Light system :)

Then more about animation of water and falls + alpha based on vertex colours (transition :))

Now what about this boost pad :D

Now well added sun (moved a bit since) better colours for water and fall, light as become a bit more yellow to put a different atmosphere.

Change a bit the Minimap reworked Tree to palm.
Added temporary Items box and coins on minimap (will it stay like that in game? no idea.)

Reworked Fully the tiny map :)

Here my Todo List :
Visual :
Need Value for "go through water" but no fallboundary... If anyone have thanks :)

Change Cameras

Minimap :


You have suggestion or idea for this CT ?
Idea for my next CT ? (theme will be ruins)

Change Log :
Update 4.0 :
Fix BCLIM for minimap.
Fix Minimap position
Now both minimap look Great in game

Update 3.0 :
Removed unused objects.

Improved Mipmap gestion to make the whole track look Way better.
Fixed Startline Shadow

Removed the following folders :

Removed following files :

Update 2.0 :
Removed lag in GP.
Fixed Texture rendering.
Modified Light Colours.
Modified Falls texture/colours

I open to any comment.
Galvarny Falls HackStock
Thread: [CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/02
Baoulettes I myself own A9HL so what ever the version that good thanks to ntr layerfs :)

About coins and box they are set already.
I have 3 set of 5 item box to cover the road width.
Coin are placed for now not really great.
I will make a minimap with itembox and coins on it so you can see where they are :)

About a tutorial I can't really teach modeling but you gave me an idea for my next ct.
I could record my modelling session so for those who would like to see how I do on 3DS max I could send it :)

And thank you for the comment :)

about a release well as the todo is pretty short i think the release should be there soon :)

Edit 1 :
Here that tiny map :)

Edit 2 :
Reworked Fully the tiny map :)

Keep in mind I will rework Coins placements.
move a tiny bit set 2 of itembox ~
Thread: [CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/03
Baoulettes Hello
Sorry if double post isn't really great it just to show there is move.

Here a first release.
01 - Galvarny Falls MEGA
Feel free to mirror it ;)

Here as promised the source of it:
01 - Galvarny Falls SRC

so now here the know issue :
Minimap have weird padding.
Minimap (black and white) not correctly placed.
Falls don't show "splash" (I need KCL id ... but can't find ^^)
Maybe Lags on GP. I can't really fighter on it for today I did tried for hours they are tiny but still present :/
Camera cause they are totaly wrong.
SZS isn't cleaned else it doesn't boot.
No Gombas will be added, maybe Frog.

Here what you can do with SRC and / or szs
What ever you wish !
Put in pack , distribute , mirror I'm fine with if you reuse my model just give credit and we're are fine :)

About .max.
It require 3ds Max 2015 or superior with NW4C plugin installed.
CTEX have been made with photoshop Cs6 NW4C plugin.

Credit :
SZS Generator script by Pablomf6
Texture by Nintendo :P

Tested on OLD 3DS 11.0 E with NTR CFW :)
Thread: [CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/04
Baoulettes eheh
No worry I had put that on my last past (needed an edit it was not appearing .-.)
so what ever you wish with the ct :)
Thread: [CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/06
Baoulettes Sorry for double posting (again?)
I updated that track with tiny fix :D

Removed lag in GP.
Fixed Texture rendering.
Modified Light Colours.
Modified Falls texture/colours

I open to any comment.
Galvarny Falls HackStock
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/08
Baoulettes Hello :)

Before any screen or todo etc let have a tiny fact on why I made this track.
At first I want a Forest styled track so there I changed my mind, but why?

Well after Galvarny Falls I asked myself what track pop in my head when I do think about Mario kart.
First it was Ghost Valley I from SNES
Like how much fun I had to beat my friend because I used Bowser there and most of them waren't that much in love with that game back in time to use Bowser or DK.
Also I then asked again what was my luckiest finish in Mario kart series, there instantly it was whe I was kind with my brother we were doing Banshee BoardWalk run and right before start line I throw a blue shell and pass line before him when he was doing some freestyle backflip in the airs eheh
So here a tiny sequel to Banshee Boardwalk.

So now let have some tiny screen?
Still in progress ^^

ScreenShot :
All pictures are clickable to get them in full resolution :)

Okay here a first screen, well at first I wanted to include torch in model 3d but later while playing I noticed i could put them as objects to reduce resources usage while having a better rendering :D

And here I removed these torch , added signal arrow to guide the player, a start line yeay, and a logo !

You will tell hey you spoken about Ghost Valley but, oh okay i see what you did there !

Todo :
Visual :


Add cameras (not yet possible for me)


Minimap :

Video :

You have suggestion or idea for this CT ?
Idea for my next CT ?

More coming soon, Also for me this project I'm doing to do many Mario kart track is both personal and a way to show to employer my 3D style under limited and strict environment so please if my Quality goes down tell me, I always want to keep creativity and fun, I don't wanna Quantity over Quality, so if i have to stick months to make it better I will :)
Thank you ~
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/08
Graphics-wise, it reminds me to the N64.

That is my main goal, get N64 look while having some Snes base ^^

It looks quite curvy.

Is this too much ?^^
Should I lower curve/jumps etc?
Thread: [CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/10
Baoulettes Made an update on this CT :D
Fixed tiny visual issue, improved visual quality, cleaned SZS and removed unused objects in KMP (Thanks Pablo to notice me that ^^)
The update as been submitted in HackStore ^^

here a short video
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/12
Baoulettes soon I will publish a video and screen in game, I just have to fix that tiny lag issue in GP, also tiny plus, the two minimap will be properly positioned.
Removed some fog there and there, some flying coins there, a Moon !
And more important for me a PERFECT music for this track :)
for the music I asked authorization and got them that maintly why I had not done and uploaded video today.
Thread: [Tutorial]Minimap placement.
Author Posted on 2016/08/12
Baoulettes Hello :)

After some moment of trial test I found way to do both minimap look good.
So here we go.

Difficulty : Easy - just long at first then it become faster.

Requirement :
GlobalMap and Localmap as png or other but same position and 1024x1024 BOTH not 256x256 !
GlobalMapProper.xcf : From HackStore.
An hexa Editor (HxD for example in my screenshot I use it)
KMP editor
Ohana (not rebirth) OR a way to do "BCLIM"
Patience !

Let first get a look what a GlobalMap and Localmap should look at First !
Both are in same position (I mean the road match for both) and both are 1024x1024 !

Now once you have them like I do, be sure, else you will have to start again from start.
So Open Gimp and Load my .xcf.
It should look like that :

Now drag&Drop both GlobalMap and LocalMap pngs into that project.
Be sure both are center and you should have something similar to this now :

Once that done hide two layer, LocalMap & LocalMapBase.
Select Your GlobalMap layer Scale it down with "Scale tool" (Shift + T) and put in the tiny dialog box like this :
(Ps : to refresh scale and and remove on pixel with tiny arrows else it will not scale most of time.)

Click that "Scale Button"
Now you will see things like that if you followed :

Using Black and yellow border of the layer place it carefully to match same position as "Base"
Use CTRL + Mouse wheel to zoom (OSX should be Command + mouse slide if magic mouse else I don't know sorry)
Zoom in to see the Right upper corner of GlobalMap Base.
Use move tool (Key M) and Keyboard arrow to move Your globalmap to match the base.
(careful a pixel count !)

It should now look like that :

And if you zoom out to view all should look like that,
Your GlobalMap should perfectly overlay the base and should be by few pixel out bound but that "normal" for now. till I found proper way.

Now, Hide the base and resize the image to be 256x256 to do that
see this picture :

In the dialog box input 256x256 and zoom in to get proper view and you should have this, this way now :

now you can do "Export as" and select as .png
Name it "GlobalMapProper.png" as that how I will call it for the next part of the tutorial !

Now we will convert these PNG as BCLIM, if you know how good, for those who don't know use Ohana software open any original BCLIM with it.
MapName_map.bclim = GlobalMapProper.png
MapName_map2.bclim = LocalMap.png

I think I didn't to explain that part as basicely everyone know and can easly learn this Ohana is pretty simple to use.
For other method using nintendo software I will not explain it here :)

Now we will do our .bin !
Well two to be honest to avoid a mistake made by KmpExp during save.
So open KMP Expander with Both your KMP/UIMapPos.bin and Load you LocalMap.png as picture.
You should have something like this matching your Custom Track :

Now go in UiMapPos section and place your PNG to match your Ennemies Route or what ever you wish, place it properly to match your KCL or such till that look good, like you did before but it screwed that other tiny map.
Be sure to use round number it will be Easier for you to get Global Map value.
LocalMap = 1024x1024 png don't forget !

so for me it look like that :

Now we will calculate Global map Points !
For that a tiny calculator or brain as you prefer :D

GlobalMap X1 = LocalMap X1 - 150
GlobalMap Y1 = LocalMap Y1 + 701.269
GlobalMap X2 = LocalMap X2 - 150
GlobalMap Y2 = LocalMap Y2 + 701.269

Example on screen bellow check it :)

so in short for me that :
finish by selecting a GlobalMap value and press Enter this way it will now be a rectangle (That important for next)

once that proper like that save UIMapPos.bin as UIMapPos1.bin !
and then Select a LocalMap point and press enter to get a good Square (enix) !
and this will be like that

save the bin as UIMapPos.bin
and open both on Hexa editor to get it that way (note the name of files.)
You will see it this way :

now that just a copy past job.
Go on UIMapPos1.bin tab.
And select + copy the first line :

once copied go to the other tab (UIMapPos.bin)
And paste this OVER the other first line.
and this would make things like that :

Now save that "UIMapPos.bin".
Now, you should have proper UIMapPos.bin, BCLIM so just import it on the SZS by any method you would with other files :)

The HackStore UIMapPos Edit.zip contain the following.
All picture show in this tutorial in case they are deleted by host
Gimp project template.
Galvarny Falls GlobalMap.png and LocalMap in case you need reference :)

You are free to rewrite, rehost picture as you wish in case that is required.
Also I can help in case you need.

Thread: [Tutorial]Minimap placement.
Author Posted on 2016/08/12
Baoulettes the game require 256x256 for white colour map and 1024x1024 for coloured maps, so about how you scale down/up you picture or where it is taken from it should be ajustable to any picture software editing ^^
I used gimp because that a fast/free and know method.
Else I would have used photoshop but that isn't free so I wanted it to make it for all :)
Yet if I have to correct anything feel free I would be glad to make it easier/faster.
Thread: [Tutorial]Minimap placement.
Author Posted on 2016/08/12
Baoulettes You just have drop menu with cubic, linear and none when you scale up and down with gimp :)
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/23
Baoulettes Hello :)


Here a V1 :D

It feature most of Banshee Boardwalk element, it have several nostagic touch and technically it have enough spawn point, shouldn't have any issue in GP (I played it 7 time in row before release .-.)
It have perfect minimap also :)
Hope you like it :D
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/23
Baoulettes Let hope it will please players as it pleased me to make it ~
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Installing NW4C Maya Plugins
Author Posted on 2016/08/24
Baoulettes Hello^^
I fixed your link.
also this is really nice I will actually try Maya to confirm if that work or not !
Thank you for sharing information it is always nice :)

Also to post video see my example, remove space after "yt" and it will work fine :)

also please fix you profil in Youtube channel just put your ID/Name there no full link.
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/26
Baoulettes That funny you speak about idea ! , they are noted !
about some underwater I started to work on another track and it feature some underwater part (i needed a tiny track to understand it ^^)
Also I will keep that other theme I like them
Thread: [CT]Elemental Cave
Author Posted on 2016/08/26
Baoulettes Hello :)

Well I wanted to make a CT after Banshee Boardwalk 2 (Basicly I love modelling stuffs)
At first I draws random things on papers I end up with a Forest run theme but was not yet sure so I gone on 3DS did random face and it look like that no :

ScreenShot :
All pictures are clickable to get them in full resolution :)

First a tiny look of it in general :

And now ingame :D

Update :D

Todo :
Visual :


Fix Godray out of underwarer.
Add cameras (not yet possible for me)


Minimap :

Download :
Hackstore Link
Thread: [CT]Elemental Cave
Author Posted on 2016/08/30
Baoulettes This depend on Pablo, will he include it :D
also I will have done probably in few tiny days :)
Thread: [CT]Elemental Cave
Author Posted on 2016/08/31
Baoulettes Tiny "bump"
About to release it

This one will feature under water section, Arrow to indicate direction, and sweet light ~
Hope you will like it :)

Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2016/09/23
Baoulettes Hello :)
Well as you might have seen I am quite quiet these days.
Actually that not some kind of vanish or any other action it just I am stuck.
So here I will publish what I have already so maybe some new eyes would be able to point me in right direction :)

First I have this basic design (Forest track at base) :

And ...
I am stuck with it since some days already.
So my ask for some help is :
What could I put in that model to make it a CT?
I mean it full empty / un finished and I have no idea how to make that track pretty.
Or should I just totally rework it to another theme ?

Update :
Well I've made something on this really hard for me as Im poor in idea but it slowly come :)

Wooden turn temporary textures :)

Update 2 :
Let tell the name of that track.
This one is particular.
I chosen to make a reference to a well know ruins :)
here the final name of the CT : "St�?nhenge's Ruins"
for full reason why this name check Stonehenge wikipedia :)
Thread: Post Layout Showcase
Author Posted on 2016/09/30
Baoulettes Really nice one !
SMB 3 look really well made there :D
Especially the tiles used for border ^^
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2016/10/01
Baoulettes that actually nice idea about walking tree I had forgot about this ennemy ^^
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2016/10/10
Wooden turn te;porary textures :)

You asked for Water here you go I have added a part where frogs could come from ;)
Also about walking tree they could be added right after the Broken Wooden bridge :)
Thread: New Members thread
Author Posted on 2016/10/15
Baoulettes Mayro Kayt Way !

Or my way to say Ahoy on board lady !
Male Female who care just be happy, you can be anything till You are happy with what you are :)
I am myself a bear.
Thread: Existing track KCL editing help
Author Posted on 2016/10/20
Baoulettes Make sure face normal are faced up.
Make sure to use low face count, as low as you can.
Make sure you see your polygon in list actually ( it must have a Material linked to it. )
Make sure you use proper scale on your obj exporter.

this apply for both MK7/MKDS/MKW
most of time it is issue with Face normal if everythings else seem right
Thread: How to make BFRES files ? [Wii U modell file]
Author Posted on 2016/10/31
I took one of my old MK7 CT models, scaled it times 100 on every axis, exported it with the NW4F Plugins (with the internal name being correct and everything, just in case), loaded it in 3DEditor, and exported it to BFRES.
Then I took Yaz0Enc, and compressed it with Yaz0, and then I renamed it to "course_model.szs".

Note: Your textures must be all TGA, in order for the NW4F Plugins to work, for some reason.

that actually a nice step :o
I will try once I got my wii u back because that was the only thing missing for me.
Even if I know it is not yet possible having a way to generate that bfres should help a bit
Thread: Your Desktop(s)!
Author Posted on 2016/11/10
Baoulettes Well here mine to follow the trend-train ;)

Thread: Your Desktop(s)!
Author Posted on 2016/12/13
I'm bored.

Wait ! that a dragon radar what you have there at left ? xD
Thread: Your Desktop(s)!
Author Posted on 2016/12/14
Baoulettes ahah saddly i posted when I was really tired and I had left my brain away it seem.
btw what is that red circle I see on every screen?
that a mouse tracker or something like that?
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2016/12/30
Baoulettes Im on it today actually, nothing major worth a post with picture as it will be barely seen ^^

Edit :
Here tiny preview of the actual progress not much beside some rocks and stuff :)
I will clean it add some startline etc and there, it will have nice progress :)
Thread: KMP Expander - a MK7 KMP Editor
Author Posted on 2017/01/04
Baoulettes Will test it with my incoming CT, Thank you :)
If I see any major error I can report it there or you prefer in private message?^^
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2017/01/04
Baoulettes Here a bit of progress.
Reworked major part of possible shortcut, added severals decorations and clean the whole model to be under 7100faces. :)
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2017/01/05

Unmodded rendering in dev tools.
Im making basic szs to be able to test this over 3ds :)
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2017/01/08
Baoulettes how pleasing to know that remind you something I wanted to !

My goal is to make it fit in the game and telling such might suggest it could be achieved :)
Thread: [WIP] Coruscant 9
Author Posted on 2017/01/08
Baoulettes Wow yes that look really nice
I was not expecting such quality :D
for sure this one will be in my game later just because it will fit in perfectly :)
Thread: [CT]Banshee Boardwalk 2 - V2 Released
Author Posted on 2017/01/29
Baoulettes I am currently on test to fix these lags :)
As well as elemental cave.
I will release them probably later in day today or tomorrow.
Thread: [CT]Elemental Cave
Author Posted on 2017/02/01
Baoulettes Hi, just to tell I heard the suggestion and report.
In really near futur I will try to release a V2 with the following change :

Removed Lens flares
Fixed Item route causing freeze if it have to loop.
Ending and intro cameras

If you have any suggestion, request, or report about error I would prefer it to be over this thread, time to time things over discord or skype can be lost with time.
But that does not mean i will not see it.
If that a major like a freeze I will try to fix it asap.
For now I can confirm both freeze and lens flare should be fixed.
Pending proper test :)