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Forum Bug Fixes, and Additions/Removals/etc.
Author Posted on 2015/07/05
MKGirlism As of 6 July 2015

- If you're a Moderator or Banned User, you can no longer revert yourself back to "Members", when Editing your Profile.
- "Warn" Link added to Profiles for Moderators, Admins, and Root.
- Strikes and Email Addresses are now visible to Moderators.
- Fixed Buttons and Smilies, when Editing a Post.
- Same goes for the Quick Reply Box.
- If a Thread is already Stickied, "Unsticky" will not be displayed, instead of "Sticky".
- "Edit" and "Warn" Links are now hidden to regular Members. "Edit" remains available to non-Moderators, but only on their own Profiles.
- Avatars are no longer to big or to small, in Post Previews.
- The Uploader will now also accept Extensions with Uppercase Letters.
- If somebody has never Posted, "No posts made" will be displayed, instead of "01-01-1970, n:00", "n" being based on your Time Zone.
- Also, if somebody has never been Online, "Never" will be displayed, instead of "01-01-1970, n:00", "n" being based on your Time Zone.
- "Newest member" is now working properly.
- Edit Page will now obey the Locales Table.
- You can no longer Register an Account, with a Username that already exists.
- Example Posts in Mobile View now look nice.
- Uploader now uses the right Links.
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
SGC Yellow When I attempted to vote in a poll just a moment ago it told me that guests could not vote and, I was logged in! I'm not a guest.
Author Posted on 2015/07/07
MKGirlism As of 7 July 2015

- Special Permission Boards are now hidden in Profiles, if you don't have Special Permissions.
- BBCode are now displayed properly in Profiles.
- The "/forum" Folder got Renamed to "/board", making Redirects an option.
- If you Login incorrectly, "Failed." will now be displayed, rather than "Success!".
- Image Tags can no longer stretch out the Forum.
- Pagination Links got bigger.
- "Guests cannot vote" is no longer displayed when trying to Vote, while being Logged In.
Author Posted on 2015/07/07
MKGirlism As of 8 July 2015

- When making a new Reply, and clicking "Return", you'll now go to your brand new Post. (Doesn't work with Quotes yet.)
- "Edit Forum" now displays the correct Information.
Author Posted on 2015/07/08
SGC Yellow A few parts of the forum always display as having "NEW" posts when there are not any new posts and, when I click the 'Mark all forums read button it dose not work.
Author Posted on 2015/07/08
MKGirlism Then you should read this, to understand why that happens.
Author Posted on 2015/07/12
Jesse So I read that but there are still problems surrounding the "new" notification

the "new" sign doesn't get showed at the forum home. so I need to check every section if there are new posts in threads. is this my fault or...?
Author Posted on 2015/07/12
MKGirlism I didn't work on anything all Weekend, but it's true, that the "NEW" Icon doesn't show on the Forum's Index, unless you're a Guest.
I already know about that, and it's what I'll fix, this week.
Author Posted on 2015/07/13
User 38 On profiles under the "General Information" header, Strikes is misspelled as "Stikes".

Additionally, clicking the » on the forum's main page seems to be used for going to the last post that's mentioned, however, it doesn't.
Author Posted on 2015/07/13
MKGirlism One Spelling Error, and one I already knew about.
Noted down for Bug Fixing.
Author Posted on 2015/07/14
MKGirlism As of 14 July 2015

- ShoutBox now has a Scrollbar.
- Fixed Typo "Stikes" into "Strikes" in Profiles.
- Hide Quick Reply if Thread is Closed.
- ShoutBox: Add a delay of 4 seconds between Shouts.

- BBCode and Smileys in ShoutBox.
- Automatic Enters in ShoutBox.
Author Posted on 2015/07/15
MKGirlism As of 15 July 2015

- ShoutBox for Mobile Users.
- ShoutBox can now display the "plus" (+), and "and" (&) Signs.
- Adjustments to the ShoutBox overall, so it looks nicer to Desktop Users as well.
- The "NEW" Icon now displays correct information (confirmation needed).
- After Clicking the "@" Sign, or one of the Smileys, the ShoutBox will put its focus on the TextArea automatically for you.

- Smiley Bar for ShoutBox.
- "@" Replies now work in the ShoutBox.
Author Posted on 2015/07/15
MKGirlism As of 16 July 2015

- Clicking the Site Logo, will send you to the Forum Index, rather than the Site Index.

- The Topbar (Users Online) will now automatically Updates itself.
Author Posted on 2015/07/17
User 38 I also noticed that when you submit a post, you get a confirmation.

1. Can this either be disabled or create an automatic redirect to the thread from which it was posted, or just do away with the "Success" page and just make it go straight to the post? It almost seems unnecessary.
2. When you edit a post, after submitting it returns you to the Forum Index, rather than to a confirmation page or return you to your post in its edited form.
Author Posted on 2015/07/17
MKGirlism As I said it 3 times already, Instant Redirects only work, if Pages are called directly.
Instead, the entire Forum gets called within the "forum.php" File, so it can't work.

I'll check why Editing a Post does this, because it shouldn't.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
Miles Ermiiworth There is a bug when trying to switch pages in forum's sections. Instead of linking you to the second, third etc page it links to a thread.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
MKGirlism If you've never been to a specific Thread, it'll get you to the first Page, it's not a Bug, every Forum Software does that.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
Miles Ermiiworth Are you sure? Go here and try clickling one of these:
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
MKGirlism Oh, I thought you meant the "NEW" Icon...
Could you try again? Because it works fine for me.
Author Posted on 2015/07/24
Miles Ermiiworth It now works fine, did you fix anything?
Author Posted on 2015/07/24
MKGirlism No, I didn't do anything...
Perhaps Blavs just took a look at this Thread, and he fixed it before I could, because otherwise, I have no clue how.
Author Posted on 2015/08/01
MKGirlism Sorry for the delay, busy busy...

I fixed Voting.
The problem was: Votes did record your User ID, they did record your Option ID, but they DIDN'T record the Thread ID.
Now they do, so now you can Vote in more than 1 Threads.

However, to fix this, I had to remove all your Votes for all Polls.
Not because I couldn't fix the problem if I wouldn't, it's because I simply didn't know which Vote belonged to which Poll.

Again, sorry for the delay.
Author Posted on 2015/08/03
MKGirlism You can no longer use the Theme Maker, to Exploit JavaScript Code.
It's a safety measurement, so please understand.

I'm okay if you find Exploits here, but I really prefer you forward those problems to me, preferably before somebody with an evil purpose wants to use those.
Author Posted on 2015/08/06
MKGirlism A very few, small changes:
1. You'll now be forced to the WWW Version, in case you use it without.

2. You'll now be Redirected to the Error Page, if you go to a non-existing File/Directory. Until now, this only held true for Pages/Blogs/Threads/etc.

3. Cookies will now last 6 years now, instead of 30 days.

Note: All Settings and Logins made before today, will still last 30 days.
In order to turn 30 days to 6 years now, do the following:
1. Logout and Login again.
2. Click "Change Settings" in the Footer below.
Author Posted on 2015/08/10
MKGirlism Private Messages are available........sort of.
You can't make any new Messages yet, nor you can mark them as read yet, but the fundamentals are finally there, at least.
I'll promise to finish the PM System, within this week.
Author Posted on 2015/08/19
MKGirlism Private Messages are now fully available.
However, Notifications and Mark Message Read aren't implemented yet, but both are planned for this week.

Please understand.
Author Posted on 2015/08/20
MKGirlism PMs can now be Marked as Read.
Mark all as Read, however, doesn't work yet.
PM Locking, PM Notifications, and Block User from PM are currently in the works.

PM Locking now works.
Note: Only the one who started a PM can Lock a Message.
Author Posted on 2015/08/27
MKGirlism I've got PM Notifications to work, some days ago.
Now I've also got Block Users from PMs to work.

To Block someone, just go to their Profile, and click "Block User".
Author Posted on 2015/09/07
MKGirlism Okay, so that annoying PM Pop-Up got replaced by a Notification Bar (will only appear when you have at least 1 unread PM).

Incidentally, I found a Bug, which doesn't let you send Replies to PMs, because of a missing User ID.
I also fixed that one, along the way.
However, that way of sending Messages is to insecure, so I'll make sure it'll use a POST Variable, instead of a GET Variable next time.
Author Posted on 2015/09/08
Miles Ermiiworth When you send a PM, the notification message appears even if YOU sent the message.
Author Posted on 2015/09/08
MKGirlism Fixes for today:
- While sending a Reply to a PM,use $_POST for $to, instead of $_GET, for better Security.
- Mark PM read for the sender after sending. Well, sort of... Though it does get added to the Database automatically now, but you'll still need to Refresh the Page once, for some reason.
- From now on, your IP Address will now be stored during Registration, so even though you've never Logged in, your IP Address will still be recorded. This is to find Reregs and Dupes sooner.
Author Posted on 2015/09/10
MKGirlism Did you think we stopped making Major Features?
Then you're so wrong!

Here's a Sneak Peak of what's coming (Warning: Super Early Alpha Version):
Author Posted on 2015/09/10
ニンテンドウ64 I have some strange glitch whenever I logon, Random emojis replace the default theme (to SPAMMING the screen). Right now its Mario heads, before Sanic.
Keeps going on, even the 'New' icon for forums and forum threads were just villager heads and emojis are screwed up like :( was just the 'New' icon and it will repeat. alot. Is there a way to fix this?

Also, Things get hard to read because of this glitch, please fix.
Author Posted on 2015/09/11
MKGirlism Show me at least 1 Screenshot of this.
It's impossible to believe it.
Author Posted on 2015/09/12
LeonisaTrotsky Does the image in my post layout show?

Nope. But it did show up in preview mode for newreply. The post footer should probably not filter URLs contained with tags as it turns background: url(http://i.imgur.com/9KaGHHg.png) into background: url(http://i.imgur.com/9KaGHHg.png)
Author Posted on 2015/09/12
MKGirlism All it took, was to simply put the CSS Code in the Header, instead of the Footer.
Author Posted on 2015/09/13
LeonisaTrotsky Oh, thanks. Swootsargl, didn't realize < style > and < div> needed to switched around. LOL. Well, every Acmlmboard or Acmlmboard-like software is different. :P
Author Posted on 2015/09/13
MKGirlism Likely because this isn't an Acmlmboard, apart from the Design...sort of...
Author Posted on 2015/09/13
MKGirlism As promised, the YouTube Alternative for ROM Hackers, also known as "ModTube", is now in Public Beta here:

- Recommended Video List.
- Playlists.
- Watch Page Layout (UNIQUE!).
- Embed ModTube Videos in Forum Posts.
- Video Player Styling.
- More proper Homepage.

Known issues
- Make sure you Rename your Videos manually to only contain Letters and/or Numbers, automatic Renaming hasn't been implemented yet.
- Make sure your Video is MP4, I'll work on Converting Videos later on.

Both of which aren't hard to solve, since I did that years ago already.
Author Posted on 2015/09/13
LeonisaTrotsky Seems like there's improper escaping being used in edit profile. If an apostrophe in your title, edit your profile, and then go back to edit it, a backslash will be added. Oh, and any subsequent edits will add a backslash any backslashes and single quotes. So ' becomes \\', then \\\\\\', and so forth.
Author Posted on 2015/09/14
MKGirlism I know, you already said that before, and I did try to fix it, even the way you told me how.
But in the end, it didn't fix...
Author Posted on 2015/09/21
MKGirlism Until now, once you got Banned, you were still able to make Shouts, as long as you didn't Refresh the Page.

From now on, once you get Banned, and you don't Refresh the Page, the ShoutBox will become invisible to you, once you make a Shout.
This should solve the problem, that people could still Shout after getting Banned.

Multi-lingual Blog Posts and Pages are now dead!
Or better said: Blog Posts and Pages are now always in English, no matter the Forum Language you picked.
Author Posted on 2015/09/21
Arctus 64 Um, the shoutbox doesn't appear to be working whenever I try to make a shout, I'm not sure if it is my connection or something, but I can't make any new shouts.
Author Posted on 2015/09/21
テクニカル諏訪子 Yami possibly forgot the difference between "$cookuid > 0" and "$cookuid >= 0".
Should be fixed now. :)
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
StapleButter On user profiles:

* 'show posts' doesn't work, page is empty beyond header/footer
* 'view threads' seems to work, but the links to the threads miss the ID, making them pointless
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
MKGirlism I know, we never finished those yet.
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
StapleButter I can't send PMs to anyone other than myself.
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
Arctus 64
I can't send PMs to anyone other than myself.
It actually does send, but it also notifies you.
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
StapleButter when I see "from StapleButter", I tend to assume I received a PM from myself

might want to make that PM system more intuitive
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
LeonisaTrotsky Speaking of which, it'd be great if the "You have 1 new PM" bar said "You have 1 new PM from so-and-so." Oh, and it shouldn't display once you're looking at the PM.
Author Posted on 2015/09/29
StapleButter "Mark forum read" doesn't work.
Author Posted on 2015/09/29
Arctus 64 Remember, the software is still fairly new, so some stuff might not work yet.
Author Posted on 2015/09/29
"Mark forum read" doesn't work.

I'm aware about that, as I had to change the way the Forum is marking Threads as read some time ago, and I didn't adjust "Mark (all) Forum(s) read" against it since.
Author Posted on 2015/10/15
Arctus 64 There is a new bug, the recycle bin can be posted in, except in locked threads.
Author Posted on 2015/10/15
MKGirlism It's not fully fixed yet, but at least, the Quick Reply Box is hidden away in Recycle Bin.
I'll due the rest later, due to the lack of time.
Author Posted on 2015/10/23
MKGirlism - You can now use the Enter Key, to submit Shouts. Use Shift + Enter to make a New Line.
- Fade Animation will no longer occur in the ShoutBox.
- The "You've got a new PM" Bar will no longer show, if you already read the said PM.
- You'll now be Redirected to the PM, once you send a PM.
Author Posted on 2015/11/04
MKGirlism If you don't have an Avatar set, your default Avatar will now be:
Author Posted on 2015/11/04
Miles Ermiiworth
If you don't have an Avatar set, your default Avatar will now be:

Nice. That's how you want to avoid the Name's fusion on the userbar? XD
Author Posted on 2015/11/16
MKGirlism ModTube Update: Video Watch Page Style!
(Beware, use CSS Code in the same way you used with Custom Name Colours, so no need to define a Class or ID.)

Author Posted on 2015/11/27
LeonisaTrotsky In the thread review while previewing your post, smilies aren't rendered and deleted posts show up.
Author Posted on 2015/11/30
MKGirlism Added:
"Press Enter for new line?" will now be stored in Cookies.
ShoutBox Height is now adjustable through the Footer, you can choose any Number between 150 and 500.

Bugs Fixed:
Smilies and BBCode are now being rendered in Thread Preview, and deleted Posts are no longer been shown there.
Avatar Size in Threads for Mobile Users.
Author Posted on 2015/12/23
MKGirlism You can now 'delete' Shouts from the ShoutBox.
Moderators can remove and unremove anyones' Shouts, and see what used to be before it was removed, so it's still not possible to show Warez or Porn in the ShoutBox, without us noticing it.
Normal Users can only remove and unremove their own Shouts.
Author Posted on 2015/12/25
Yushe Fix the goto post button "»".

It sometimes redirects you to the wrong post and it sometimes redirects you to a 404 page.
Author Posted on 2015/12/30
MKGirlism I finally managed to fix the remaining issues with the ShoutBox:
1. The 4 second Timeout now also applies to the Enter Button users.
2. During these 4 seconds, you won't be able to write anything, this prevents you from (accidental) Spam.
3. After 4 seconds, the Text Box will restore, as well as the Shout Button, and the Enter Button, and additionally, the focus will also go to the Text Box, so you don't need to click the Text Box again, after each Shout.
Author Posted on 2015/12/30
MKGirlism An additional fix: In the Mobile Version, all Threads now have the exact same width (100%), so Posts no longer look weird.
Author Posted on 2015/12/30
SGC Yellow How about a option that makes it where you don't see shouts from any user that might be getting on your nerves? It would be a different option from the PM black list option and, it would prevent drama if said user has trouble letting things go. This would also prevent flame wars.
Author Posted on 2015/12/30
MKGirlism For PMs, I think this feature is okay, but for ShoutBoxes, I expect an even bigger Drama or Flame War, if the target User finds out he or she got ignored.
Besides, unlike PMs, Shouts can be viewed by all Users, so if the first person ignores the second person, then people 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. will still see this, and will get them on their nerves.

So no, I don't like this idea.
If you really feel frustrated, there's a way to PM the Staff, and in the future, there will be a Report Centre.
After that, there's still a nice ignore button inside your body, which doesn't need to be Programmed, just 'unlocked' psychologically.
Author Posted on 2016/01/09

Yeah, totally should be possible for a forum to have negative posts.
Author Posted on 2016/01/09
MKGirlism I'm already aware of this one.
Though it's not something that would functionally harm anything, it's still something I need to fix.
Author Posted on 2016/01/13
MKGirlism Fixed a possible security threat.
Author Posted on 2016/01/15
MKGirlism Fixed a security threat, that allowed anyone to Login as anyone else, without knowing their Passwords.
I would like to thank Pablo for alarming me.
Author Posted on 2016/01/25
MKGirlism Another security Update: It's no longer possible to give yourself the same Display Name as somebody else, and additionally, it's no longer possible to give yourself the same Display Name as somebody else's Username (the one you use to Login with).

For example, if there's somebody Display Name or Username being "SGC", another person can't call him- or herself "SGC".
If your Display Name remains the same, or if you leave that field empty, the check will be ignored.
Author Posted on 2016/01/26
MKGirlism HTTP-Only Cookies got implemented, and I found a Bug that allowed Guests and Banned people to read the ShoutBox though a simple workaround.
I already solved this Bug by hiding all the JavaScript Code related to the ShoutBox, for anyone who's not Logged in, and for those who got Banned.
Author Posted on 2016/01/27
StapleButter security through obscurity isn't always good


you put this code in a HTML file and you can read the shoutbox without being logged in

basically, never trust the client

pastebinned externally because the board ate my code
Author Posted on 2016/01/27
MKGirlism Okay, fixed this issue, that was an easy one.
Author Posted on 2016/01/28
MKGirlism Usernames are no longer case sensitive.
Testers needed to verify that (and for those being locked out, I really want you to test it out now).
Author Posted on 2016/02/28
MKGirlism I managed to implement reCAPTCHA now.
The reason why I kept failing: Tables should be inside the Form, not outside.

Also, the Registration Form will also check on IP Addresses now, so you can't register with the same IP Address anymore.

However, the terms don't change; don't make dupe Accounts, unless you have a good reason, and if you have one, contact me in advance.
Author Posted on 2016/03/21
MKGirlism The counters for "Replies" and "Threads" on the Homepage should be counted correctly now.
However, this fix doesn't end here, but I'm tired now, so, to be continued.
Author Posted on 2016/04/08
MKGirlism Hack Store 3.0 is up, and so is its Uploader.
If you encounter Bugs, report them here as soon as possible.

- Special Statuses (CoQ Member, Forum Developer, and Full Hack Creator) were added.
- Wiki and Hack Store 2.0 Links were removed from the menu.
- CoQ Members will receive Notifications, each time something got added to the Approval Queue in the Hack Store.
Author Posted on 2016/04/08
Kerouz With the new Update of the Hack Store, all my uploads are gone, do I need to reupload them, or is there a way to recover them ? (I had the name ElKerouz on the Store)
Author Posted on 2016/04/08
MKGirlism I've already Ported everything over, but I can't recall seeing any of your stuff.
Author Posted on 2016/04/12
MKGirlism You can now Update your Hack Store submissions yourself now.
Also, I initially forgot to restrict Guests from accessing the Uploader, but I fixed that now.
Author Posted on 2016/04/12
MKGirlism Another new feature: ShoutBox Notifications!
It only works with new Replies/Threads/Polls, and the Uploader (the images one).
User Registrations will follow soon.
Author Posted on 2016/04/12
PabloMK7 To fix: Display user timezone and format instead of the default one.
Author Posted on 2016/04/12
MKGirlism Well, I didn't expect the Date Format, Time Format, and Timezone to be the same for everyone, something I'll need to fix, indeed.
Author Posted on 2016/04/13
MKGirlism New additions:
- The Hack Store has an "Everything" Page now, where you can get all Hacks in a single Category.
- The Hack Store got a Search Bar now, so you can quickly find Hacks as you type.

And by this means, the main development of the Hack Store came to an end, and I'll continue implementing feature request and bug fixes there, from now on.
Author Posted on 2016/05/01
MKGirlism - Fixed some little, but notable Bugs, SGC found.
- You can now sort by "All Uploads", "Your Uploads", or "Other's Uploads" in the Uploader.
- The first owner of a Hack Store File is now visible on the Homepage.
- When editing your Profile, you'll be redirected to your own Profile after saving.
Author Posted on 2016/05/02
MKGirlism The Social Bar has launched, which partially replaced the side menu (just the User stuff).
Additionally, you can now set an Online Status through the Social Bar, and all your notifications will be under the "Notifications" tray.

However, you'll not be set to "Away" automatically yet, and the "Private Chats" part is a dummy, for now.
Author Posted on 2016/05/03
MKGirlism CoQ Members can now delete Screenshots and Files from the Hack Store.
For security reasons, we decided to only give them the powers to do so.
Author Posted on 2016/05/12
MKGirlism You can now hide the ShoutBox through the Footer, and there's a new ShoutBox Page now, which'll only work if you hide the ShoutBox.
Sorry, only either of the 2 is possible.

Also, you can't press Enter to Shout on the ShoutBox Page yet, this is a known issue, and we'll check how to solve this.
Author Posted on 2016/06/30
MKGirlism - Yet another Server Migration.

- This site now runs on HTTPS exclusively. And in order for HTTPS to fully work, you must use an HTTPS images in Avatar, Post Layout, and Signature. Posts may continue to use HTTP, as it's difficult to host images on HTTPS, sometimes. (Hint: Most public Image Hosters already are HTTPS compatible, so use that as much as possible.)

- I've added a new Easter Egg: If you visit this Site through 3DSHack.org, you'll see a different Logo in the Header, than if you would visit us through DSHack.org.
Author Posted on 2016/07/05
MKGirlism Fixed a Bug, that didn't show any Smileys at all.
Author Posted on 2016/08/26
MKGirlism I already showed this in the ShoutBox last morning, and I totally forgot this Thread exists...
Anyway, you can now sort Members by Group or Special Status in the User List:
Author Posted on 2016/09/28
MKGirlism Kart Resource (aka, the new Wiki) was released yesterday.
However, Markups aren't working yet, I'll get into it soon.

Also, the ShoutBox will now notify you whenever a new Hack Store file gets approved, and when a new user registers here.
Author Posted on 2016/10/13
テクニカル諏訪子 Changed the way deleting shouts work: you will no longer be redirected to "dshack.org" by default.
Instead the software will check whether you're browsing from "dshack.org" or "3dshack.org" and redirect you to the one you're using. :)
Author Posted on 2016/10/13
FFIVGUY When will information be added to the Kart Resource (the new wiki)?
Author Posted on 2016/10/13
MKGirlism As soon as anyone cares to do so...
Author Posted on 2016/10/13
FFIVGUY I know that there is the Changelog|New document button which we could click on to add information. But, I was also wondering because I know you mentioned on one of the threads that you might open the old wiki for a few people to port some stuff over but I haven't see anything there yet, and I am not sure how to port stuff like that
Author Posted on 2016/10/14
MKGirlism Yes, I said that indeed, but nobody requested access yet.
Plus, those who wanted to do so long ago eventually stopped visiting us, for some reason.
Author Posted on 2016/10/14
MKGirlism 2 fixes for this morning, both Kart Resource-related.

1. The Document body is now displaying, it was caused because I forgot to port the "getWiki()" function over to the Production Channel.
2. The Edit button now links to the correct Document ID, it used to link to the User ID of the one who made the Document by accident.
Author Posted on 2016/10/14
FFIVGUY Is there a way to get those members back so they can port some stuff over?
Author Posted on 2016/10/14
MKGirlism I have some of them on Discord, so I could just ask them there if they're still interested to do so.
Otherwise, I'd need to find another team of highly trained monkeys for this.
Author Posted on 2016/10/21
MKGirlism You will now see where you are in the Title Bar.
Bonus: It's more Search Engine friendly this way.
Author Posted on 2016/10/22
MKGirlism Multi Language Threads are now a thing.
At least, it's a test phrase for now.
With this feature, you're now allowed to create new Threads in a language, other than English.

I'll slowly add support for more languages.
For now, only English and Japanese are being supported.

I originally wanted to add Dutch and Spanish as well, but:
1. Dutch people are some of the best second language English speakers on the planet.
2. I don't speak Spanish myself, and I wanted to test this new feature with something I'm familiar with.
Author Posted on 2016/10/26
テクニカル諏訪子 The BBCodes finally behave as they should now, which means they will now be applied on selection or where the cursor currently is.
All instead of at the end of the message as it has always been the case.

I were actually making this for KotoPasta, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to share this little revamp with this software too. ;)
Author Posted on 2016/10/26
MKGirlism Oh, that's nice!
One thing less to worry about for me, then.
Author Posted on 2016/10/28
MKGirlism You can now apply a custom width and height to the IMG Tags.
By default, IMG Tags are responsive, but there are moments you'll need to resize images manually.

Some examples:

Width-only, auto height

Height-only, auto width

Width + Height

Height + Width
Author Posted on 2016/11/13
FFIVGUY What happened here?
Author Posted on 2016/11/14
SGC Yellow Well, there goes a few hours of work...
Hopefully a backup was made before that happened.
Author Posted on 2016/11/14
MKGirlism Seems like I've overlooked something, while fixing something else.
I'll take a look at it, once I'm back home.
Author Posted on 2016/11/14
テクニカル諏訪子 LUUUUURK!
I have fixed it for ya Yami, how can you forget about the " WHERE `id` = $did" part while updating the database!?

However, anyone updating the documentations should redo whatever they did, sadly. :(
Author Posted on 2016/11/14
SGC Yellow Oh, well looks like I'm going to be extra busy this week...
Author Posted on 2016/11/14
I have fixed it for ya Yami, how can you forget about the " WHERE `id` = $did" part while updating the database!?

However, anyone updating the documentations should redo whatever they did, sadly. :(

Shit, my bad...
Author Posted on 2016/12/08
テクニカル諏訪子 We have just finished the last bits of changes before we could release the Christmas update.
But since Yami was about to get to sleep when we were done, she asked me to update y'all on this update:


- Forum: post isolation.
- Social bar: it now shows the latest member.
- Forum: category pages.

- Forum: now you must upload an avatar, instead of linking to one. (Those who already had their avatars set to a link will remain linked until a new avatar gets uploaded.)
- Shoutbox: topic titles are now being shown in Shoutbox notifications, rather than just "Click here to view it".
- Shoutbox: the desktop Shoutbox is now the same as the mobile Shoutbox, making stuff more universal.
- Forum: the registration page now shows you optional profile options.
- Forum: you can now also see threads/posts counts and last post information on the mobile version.

- Shoutbox: long text get cut in pieces, so the ShoutBox can no longer be expanded.
- Shoutbox: if you didn't set your custom name colour, your name will now display the correct colour in Shoutbox notifications.
- Hack Store: clicking "MKDS" and "MK7" is now possible from any place.


We have a whole lot more scheduled, but it were were unable to make it in time, so we have decided to save those for later.
Author Posted on 2017/01/03
MKGirlism I think I've incidentally introduced the "video" tags.
I didn't want to waste my YouTube Channel with a very simple video, so I've decided to implement the "video" tags, so you can now also show off your self-hosted videos.
Author Posted on 2017/01/07
MKGirlism Seeing the huge increase of people from Spanish speaking countries, you're now allowed to speak Spanish on the Forum.
To do that, make a new thread, and under the "Language" section, choose "Español".
Author Posted on 2017/01/10
MKGirlism I've finished the Object Database, as well as adding stuff in yesterday, a bit before going to bed.
Thanks to the help of OV-Chipkaart, who did the rest for me during the night, the Object Database is now complete, and is now ready to use.

Add/Edit/Delete functions are currently Staff-only, but I'll implement a Special Status for this later on.
Author Posted on 2017/01/15
MKGirlism We've added a new Special Status, which is permitted to change the Object Database: ODB Manager.
Also, now you can export the Object Database to XML.
Author Posted on 2017/02/02
Y0shimario0 New fourm bug: Clicking show threads or posts on a user profile goes to a blank page.
Author Posted on 2017/02/02
SGC Yellow That's a known bug, it happens because the feature isn't actually implemented yet, but the buttons exist, anyway.
Author Posted on 2017/02/03
MKGirlism Tired of having smileys in the way while typing "It's 10: 30 AM right now", and "I used Hx D to modify this file"?
I've now implemented a simple way to avoid that!

You will only need to add "%%" anywhere in a shout, and it'll not convert anything into smileys.
This only works in the ShoutBox, though.
Author Posted on 2017/02/19
LeonisaTrotsky Images that have a height larger than their width (ie vertical smartphone pictures) should not be resized sideways.

Edit: Also, the last poster in the trash shows as SmashJC on the index page instead of MKGirlism.
Author Posted on 2017/02/26
Kitty Remilya Ambiance Does that happen to everyone, or just me?

Whenever I get a PM, I don't see a notification. So I have to click on the "Notifications" button every time to see if I got a PM.

In this case, if one gets a PM, an indicator should appear on the Notifications button to show that the user got a PM. This would make it easier to see the PMs the users get.
Author Posted on 2017/02/26
MKGirlism Do you use a mobile device?
Because on a PC, the "Notifications" button should turn orange if you get anything.
Author Posted on 2017/02/26
Kitty Remilya Ambiance I'm on a PC.
Author Posted on 2017/02/26
MKGirlism Okay then, and:
1. What browser do you use?
2. What is your current screen resolution?
3. Do you have JavaScript enabled?
Author Posted on 2017/02/27
Kitty Remilya Ambiance 1. Google Chrome
2. 1280x800
3. Yes
Author Posted on 2017/02/27
MKGirlism I've just sent you a PM with support instructions.
Author Posted on 2017/03/23
MKGirlism Bug Fix:
- The "Notifications" tab turning orange when you get a PM is no longer exclusive to Root users and CoQ Members.

Seriously, how stupid could this error be?!
Author Posted on 2017/04/03
テクニカル諏訪子 UPDATE:
- Added an advanced permission system (BETA).
- Memberlist got more proper filters.
- Updated the "Blog" sub-app to KotoPasta 3.0's codebase (was YaBS 3.0).
- Added a blog switch in "config.php".
- Group names can now be customised by the Root user.
- Site logo and site name can now be set in "config.php", instead of those being hard-coded.
- Mark forums as read FI-NA-LLY got fixed!
- Themes can now have own icons.

Note that the permission system is currently in beta, so if you see something you shouldn't see, or you can't see what you should see, report those as soon as you possibly can.
Author Posted on 2017/04/05
テクニカル諏訪子 Bug fix:
- The bug that prevented mods, admins and root users from seeing the "Edit" button on other users' posts.

Yami and I have agreed to remove support for special statuses soon, in favour of the new permission system.
Special statuses were nice to have, but most of those were too specific to this community.
Since we're planning on rolling this software out to more communities, anything specific needs to be removed or replaced.
Author Posted on 2017/04/06
テクニカル諏訪子 Bug fixes:
- Pages work again.
- Social Bar got updated to use the permission system.
- Categories are working again.
- Updated the edit profile stuff to use the permission system.
- It's no longer possible to apply changes to the root user, unless you're the root user yourself.
Author Posted on 2017/04/10
Jorden "Mark All read" is still bugged at the main navigation. However :applaud:, Marking a certain forum read is fixed so that's improvement.
Author Posted on 2017/04/11
MKGirlism We already know, "Mark All Read" isn't fully implemented yet, though it's weird how SUICA decided not to say that...
Author Posted on 2017/04/18
テクニカル諏訪子 I didn't mention it because you should see a message like "mark all read has not been implemented yet".
But I now just noticed the page redirects way too soon to see it.

Bug fixes:
- Administrator options (in the social bar AND on each page) are now working according to the correct permissions.
- Removed the "; you saw before the social bar shows up.

Not fixed:
- CoQ-related notifications (turned out to be caused by incorrect permissions).
- Logout page (turned out to be a false bug report).
Author Posted on 2017/04/18
SGC Yellow And what do you know?
Other things broke in the process.
Author Posted on 2017/04/18
テクニカル諏訪子 As discussed earlier in the shoutbox, this was due to your custom permissions for the blg sub-app.
Author Posted on 2017/04/18
Kitty Remilya Ambiance The "go to the last post" button in the forums (the two arrows next to the last poster's username) doesn't work properly, it either does nothing, or only shows a post of a thread.
Author Posted on 2017/04/18
MKGirlism Yeah, the way it works isn't quite optimal.
The board checks the last page you've visited, and if the number is higher than last time, it updates.

For example, this thread has 14 pages.
If you read through all posts up to page 10, and later decide to read page 12, the forum will store "12" as the page you've seen last.
However, if you then go back to page 11, the page number will remain 12.
Ultimately, reading page 13 will change the "12" into "13".

There must be a more efficient way to achieve that (so that it always works), I know there is, but it requires some mathematical thinking, something both of us suck at...
Author Posted on 2017/06/06
テクニカル諏訪子 Fixed (FINALLY!):
- Members with the "setgroup" permission can now edit profiles again.
- Everyone can now edit their display name and name colour again (sorry, the 'removal' of these features was never intended).
Author Posted on 2017/06/06
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- The quote button is back (something changed in-code, and we have no idea why, lel).
Author Posted on 2017/06/13
テクニカル諏訪子 Update:
- The CoQ special status got fully deprecated.

New permission table for the Hack Store sub-app:

In other words, Roots can do everything, Admins can do everything except uploading full hacks, and Moderators can't remove stuff.
However, people who previously had the CoQ status, but are not part of the staff, can keep their "approve", "fail", and "editfile" permissions.

And to make it clear: "editfile" means "editing files of other users", of course everyone can still edit their own files.
If that's not the case, notify me or Yami ASAP.
Author Posted on 2017/06/14
Jorden Just a suggestion, on the Hack Store page. A place to view my own individual hacks that I've uploaded to the hack store.

Author Posted on 2017/06/14
テクニカル諏訪子 Nice timing to mention this, we were recently planning on showing each persons' uploads on their profile pages, which does a similar thing.
How 'bout that?
Author Posted on 2017/06/14
テクニカル諏訪子 Update:
- You can now see all submissions of each user in their profiles (all file owners included).

Let's build up your portfolios everyone! :D
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
Miles Ermiiworth I can't see why my Birthday date always changes. It's 20th, not 17th! Whenever I change it it goes back to 17th for some reason...
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
MKGirlism Maybe because of the timezone settings?
I noticed it was the 17th before I clicked "Edit Profile", and then it turned into the 20th after I clicked it, and went back to your profile without changing.

Still something to investigate, nonetheless...
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
Miles Ermiiworth
Maybe because of the timezone settings?
I noticed it was the 17th before I clicked "Edit Profile", and then it turned into the 20th after I clicked it, and went back to your profile without changing.

Still something to investigate, nonetheless...

I changed it back to 20th while you were checking I guess. By the way, this also happened in the past but never bothered telling you
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
MKGirlism Well, you should have told it, it could have been fixed by now, you know?
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
Miles Ermiiworth
Well, you should have told it, it could have been fixed by now, you know?

Sorry, I would always forget
Author Posted on 2017/06/22
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick change:
- From now on you will have to click the blue "Download" button in the store, you previously had to click the file name.

Quick fixes:
- When updating the store entries, all break line tags will be stripped automatically again.
- Page numbers are now shown properly in the member list.
Author Posted on 2017/06/23
テクニカル諏訪子 Fixed:
From now on, it's no longer possible to register usernames with non-English characters.
That means anything not included in the English a-z, A-Z, or 0-9 alphabets.
Author Posted on 2017/06/24
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- All the little errors mentioned here.
Author Posted on 2017/06/29
テクニカル諏訪子 Changed:
- If you upload a new avatar, your avatar will be resized to 2 different sizes: 100x100 and 25x25.

This is to compensate for those with really slow internet speeds, so while avatars that already got uploaded are fully compatible with the old way of "resizing" avatars, we'd highly advise you to re-upload your current avatar as soon as possible.
In addition to the 100x100 and 25x25 avatars, original avatars also get uploaded.

My current avatar for example:

Note: this change does not affect the PM system, since we have plans to completely remake it (it's been outdated by 2 years, so updating it would be too much of an issue).

Edit: the "Store Submissions" stuff got partly leaked by incident, so I decided to leak it completely now.
Author Posted on 2017/07/08
テクニカル諏訪子 Added:
- Forum posts per user (user profiles).
- Forum topics per user (user profiles).

- User store uploads page now includes submission count (includes broken and unapproved submissions too!).
- User store uploads page now includes pagination.
Author Posted on 2017/07/09
テクニカル諏訪子 Added:
- User settings (those you can find in the footer) can also be found under "Edit Profile".

Note: the ones in the footer are cookie-based settings, while the ones under "Edit Profile" are account-based.
Cookie-based settings will only work in the browser you're using right now, so no account registration is required to make them work.
On the other hand, account-based settings will be applied anywhere you login.

Another note: cookie-based settings have priority over account-based settings, so make sure you remove your cookies for this site if you want to use account-based settings instead.
Author Posted on 2017/07/09
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- User topics page now links to correct profiles under "Last Post".
- User topics page now shows you what YOU did not read yet, rather than what user you're viewing did not read yet.
Author Posted on 2017/07/09
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- Guests get the forum's default time/date formatting and timezone settings again.
Author Posted on 2017/07/12
テクニカル諏訪子 Added:
- Users with the "canwarn" permission can now set notices which will show up between the file page and download page.

If no notice was provided, the "Download" button will go straight to the download.
If there is a notice, the user will be prompt with one, and needs to agree before downloading.

All users in the root, admin, and moderator groups can set a notice be default, regular users can request permission when needed.
Author Posted on 2017/07/12
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fixes:
- It's no longer possible to set grey, black, or white name colours. Grey is reserved for banned users only, and is therefore confusing.
- It's no longer possible to change the font size of your name colour.
Author Posted on 2017/07/12
MKGirlism Fixed:
- ShoutBox now obeys to user-based settings also.
Author Posted on 2017/07/12
テクニカル諏訪子 Added:
- Global notices (root-only, only shows up if a notice is set at all).

Quick fix:
- IP addresses in topics and isolated posts are now being displayed correctly (they use the IP saved in the "for_posts" table, rather than "for_users").
Author Posted on 2017/07/13
テクニカル諏訪子 Changed:
- All of the "user" sub-app is now using the permission system.

And I cleaned up the code for that sub-app too, which eventually extended my work by 4 to 5 hours. ._.
Author Posted on 2017/07/13
テクニカル諏訪子 Changed:
- Final bits of permission system was done for the blog, forum, and ObjectDB sub-apps.

With this, we have switched from the power level system to the permission system by 99%.
Author Posted on 2017/07/13
テクニカル諏訪子 Changed:
- The final bits that were still using the power level system finally got converted to the permission system.

By this, we are now 100% utilising the permission system! :D
Author Posted on 2017/07/14
テクニカル諏訪子 Added:
- Permission admin.

There is one known issue:
When creating or editing permissions for a user rather than a group, you'll always see you will be creating or editing permissions for the latest user on the site.
But it's just a frontend error, you will still be editing the correct user.
Author Posted on 2017/07/14
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- Fixed the profile fields for "Country", "Time format", "Date format", "Language", "Theme", and "Timezone".
Author Posted on 2017/07/14
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- File owners can now view their own files while they're pending approval.
Author Posted on 2017/07/23
Toadio I loaded a thread and this happened.
Author Posted on 2017/07/23
テクニカル諏訪子 When your internet connection is too slow, either Javascript or CSS fails to load.
It's not the fault of the forum when this happens.

Just to give you a bit of insight, this site is hosted on a server in Japan, the UK is located on the other side of the globe from Japan.
As a result, the site suffers from greater loading times in Europe and maybe America.

I have a 300 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up speed at home, and 1000 Mbps up and down speed at work.
At a hotel in Japan, I had a 100 Mbps up and down speed.
And yet this site always loaded much faster in Japan (read: instantly) than it ever does over here.

This is not because the internet here is slow, it's because of the ping time.
No matter how fast your internet speed is, ping time will remain an issue here.
And therefore, chances exist that Javascript or CSS break when it takes too long to reach the server.

Hope that explains the "bug".
Author Posted on 2017/07/26
Platinatic When you generate a preview of the thread you're, the preview doesn't have line break.
I find it annoying when I'm trying to make a thread with some kind of layout.
Author Posted on 2017/07/26
Toadio When a new user logs in the Menu is closed. Also the "Mark all as read" button doesn't function at all.
Author Posted on 2017/07/26
When you generate a preview of the thread you're, the preview doesn't have line break.
I find it annoying when I'm trying to make a thread with some kind of layout.

Known issue, but I forgot.
Thanks for the reminder any way.

Also the "Mark all as read" button doesn't function at all.

Known issue.

When a new user logs in the Menu is closed.

Author Posted on 2017/07/26
Toadio When your in the menu and then someone logs in or out the menu is forced closed.
Author Posted on 2017/07/26
テクニカル諏訪子 You mean the social bar at the top of each page?
It's not the way it works.

The said bar updates itself once every 10 seconds.
A more proper way to handle auto-updating is currently in the works, finding the right way is another issue.
Author Posted on 2017/07/26
You mean the social bar at the top of each page?
It's not the way it works.

The said bar updates itself once every 10 seconds.
A more proper way to handle auto-updating is currently in the works, finding the right way is another issue.

Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. And sorry that i wasnt clear enough.
Author Posted on 2017/08/27
テクニカル諏訪子 Quick fix:
- You can no longer quote deleted shouts.

I'm still trying to solve the smiley bug.
Saw there was a little mis-configuration somewhere, but it didn't solve anything.
But at least you can see smileys as plain text now instead of just "0"'s.
Author Posted on 2017/08/27
CosmicEternity You should have to confirm your password before you change it in case you make a typo. :P
Author Posted on 2017/10/03
FFIVGUY I just made another post here and it is not showing up in the shoutbox that I made reply. It is also saying that Atlas was the last one to make a reply in that thread. When I go to the forum it is saying that ShadowLink was the last one to make a post in the Mario Kart 7 hacking help although i just made the post now. EDIT: This also applies to the other threads as well.
Author Posted on 2017/10/03
FFIVGUY I just made a post here and it is not saying in the shoutbox that I made a reply in the help section.
It is also saying that Atlas was the last person the reply to that post even after I made the post and it is also saying that ShadowLink made the post in the help section which was back on the 11th while I made a post a few minutes ago. Disregard this one since I did not realise that it was at the end of the page and that the other one got posted. I also thought the previous on failed. You may delete this one.
Author Posted on 2017/10/13
ShadowLink Can we please get an option to delete PMs? I have so many that are just clones of eachother.
Author Posted on 2017/12/17
テクニカル諏訪子 Added contact information to the registration page to fight duplicated accounts because somebody forgot their password.
Author Posted on 2017/12/29
テクニカル諏訪子 Updated the code to accept MK8 mods in the Hack Store.
Author Posted on 2018/06/21
Garhoogin I think I found a bug where the dinosaur doesn't show up on all 404 pages. The image url doesn't start with a '/', so on a subdirectory of the site it won't show up. This bugs me for some reason.
Author Posted on 2018/06/22
テクニカル諏訪子 This is not an issue related to the forum system, but I hope you're happy now.
And if you want, here's the Japanese version of the same error (with updated text): https://www.076.ne.jp/404.html
Author Posted on 2018/06/22
This is not an issue related to the forum system, but I hope you're happy now.
And if you want, here's the Japanese version of the same error (with updated text): https://www.076.ne.jp/404.html

Author Posted on 2018/06/22
This is not an issue related to the forum system, but I hope you're happy now.
And if you want, here's the Japanese version of the same error (with updated text): https://www.076.ne.jp/404.html


Author Posted on 2018/06/22


Furthermore meaning unknown
Please tell me the original English text of this
Author Posted on 2018/06/22


Furthermore meaning unknown
Please tell me the original English text of this

In English: "Godzilla has destroyed yet another city".
Author Posted on 2018/06/22
knms360 What is the relationship with Godzilla?
Author Posted on 2018/06/22
テクニカル諏訪子 画�?内容�?�ゴジラ�?��?�ら�?�
Because the image shows Godzilla.
Author Posted on 2018/08/06
Garhoogin I think I found a bug in the Shoutbox. When you click the right arrow next to a person's name, it won't do anything if the message has a ' in it. The call to qButton doesn't have escaped single quotes, and the string just ends there.
Author Posted on 2018/08/06
テクニカル諏訪子 Fixed the issue with single quotes now.
However, multi-line shouts are still unquotable.
Author Posted on 2018/08/06
テクニカル諏訪子 I couldn't show this at first because I had an issue with the HTTPS certificate which I solved now.

This is the code change.
Author Posted on 2018/09/11
Azareal A little bit of advice, you might want to use HTTP/2 and maybe a CDN (e.g. Cloudflare) to speed up the page load times. CDNs have data-centers all over the world, so they can serve CSS files, JS files, etc. from the one closest to a user :mew:

Author Posted on 2018/09/12
テクニカル諏訪子 This is more of a software development related topic, not a server management one.
Cloudflare is something I originally took a look at, but then I saw how they blantantly took down a website for pure political reasons, so I withheld from it.

But I've never heard of HTTP/2 before, what is it precisely?
And what are advantage over HTTP/1.1?
Author Posted on 2018/09/16
Azareal Oh sorry, I saw a post about the latency issue, so I posted that lol

I haven't heard anything about political issues with them before.
I thought they were neutral to the point of leaving borderline illegal sites up (DDoS for hire and the like).

HTTP/2 is a new major version of HTTP.
It's supposed to be significantly faster, particularly when under higher latency.

With HTTP/1.1, it can only process one request at a time on a single TCP Connection and browsers will usually open multiple connections to compensate.
HTTP/2 on the other hand allows the browser to use the same connection for multiple requests simultaneously and certain resources can be prioritised over others.

HTTP/2 is also a binary protocol, so it can transmit data more compactly and is faster to process.
The headers are also compressed which helps to reduce the sizes of little files.
There is also server push where you can push certain resources for future use, although it can backfire if the client already has it cached.
Author Posted on 2018/09/16
テクニカル諏訪子 Azareal, I was referring to this particular case:

Here in Japan there is no core political ideology, and politics is a subject that's always been avoided among people.
If you're a service designed to protect websites from being taken down, I think it's very wrong to take a website down just because it doesn't comply with the far left wing agenda, or actually any kind of reason if we'd take turn this one case into a general one.
Author Posted on 2018/10/28
Garhoogin Posts appear doubled on the site. It seems to also cut off the other half of the posts.
It looks like this.
Author Posted on 2018/11/08
テクニカル諏訪子 No solution to the double post rendering yet due to the lack of time.
Meanwhile I've fixed another bug that has been reported by people quite a lot: PMs without a title can no longer be sent.
Author Posted on 2018/11/08
テクニカル諏訪子 I have now added placeholder titles to all title-less PMs that were sent before the bug fix, making these PMs clickable again.
Author Posted on 2018/11/27
テクニカル諏訪子 Got annoyed by the continuous error logging, so I fixed up some code to make it stop logging 1000 lines of error logs per second.
It quite literally did.

And maybe you'd notice some speed differences too, maybe not?