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Why did you choose your current User Name?
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
Swiftie Luma Why did you do it? :)

in my case this is a graphical description:

+ =
Author Posted on 2015/07/21
MKGirlism I do Mario Karts, I'm a girl, and "ism" was something, YouTube sneakily added to my Name.
Author Posted on 2015/07/21
Arctus 64 My user name is from an old character I made when I was 13 or 14, although he looked quite different back then, but then again, I guess his appearance changed a lot as I got older, seeing as he is meant to be my age. :P But once I started rom hacking is when I started using the name a lot more.
Author Posted on 2015/07/21
Miles Ermiiworth Mine should resemble "Ermes" a bit... There isn't a deep meaning though.

Ah, Ermes = Mercury = Mercurio = My surname
Author Posted on 2015/07/21
Super superstarxalien169.

I have no idea why I chose that name. Oh well.
Author Posted on 2015/07/22
AshtonWithers I chose AshtonWithers because it is my real name.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
MKGirlism Well, for some reason, "AshtonWithers" led me to a Spambot, that also uses exactly that Name.
I'm glad it turned out you're legit.
Author Posted on 2015/08/08
Nice Boat Stuff and things. I really just don't know why.
Author Posted on 2015/08/10
PabloMK7 mariohack&glitch: I hack and I love glitching Mario games.
Then I changed it to Pablo, because it is my real name.
Author Posted on 2015/08/11
User 22 Mine's pretty self-explanatory. My name+the fact I speedrun MKDS. :P
Author Posted on 2015/08/12
Super made a mistake please delete
Author Posted on 2015/09/28
Thierry Thierry -

I once invented a random character, and named it Thierry, a french name. I later kept using that name for ages on the web.

Micro-Mario64 -

My Youtube username, Mini-Mario was taken, so I settled with Micro. Fits me pretty well.

Thierp -

I can thank the NSMBHD/K64 staff for that name.

In case it wasn't obvious already: Thierry + derp = Thierp.
Author Posted on 2015/09/29
StapleButter StapleGrassButterTea is a name I made up on some random board. Was told it was original. I shortened it, and uh, there you go.

Thierry: still not gotten over the name Thierp uh?
Author Posted on 2016/01/23
Svenskig Svenskig literally means "Swedish-y" in Swedish, and it describes my obsession with Sweden well: I'm not Swedish, but I still feel kinda Scandinavian.

I guess.
Author Posted on 2016/02/01
LeDryBones81 Dry Bones is my favorite Super Mario character from series, and because I didn't feel like making a original name, I just added numbers 8 and 1. :P
Author Posted on 2016/02/01
mence Back when I was 13, I created a YT channel called "supersalamences" in 2009 (which was inspired by superskarmory from youtube), ever since then, people have called me Mence and it just stuck with me.
Author Posted on 2016/02/03
NintendoFan Mine is self explanatory, but I like Nintendo games, have been playing them since my childhood.
Author Posted on 2016/02/03
Y0shimario0 I chose my username after i had to come up with a name for MKWII, and it just stuck with me.
Author Posted on 2016/02/14
B.B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfwJA0f0UTg
Author Posted on 2016/02/14

Is it bad that I laughed? :awsum:
Author Posted on 2016/02/14

Is it bad that I laughed? :awsum:

who the buck r u??? xDD
Author Posted on 2016/05/10
Fluorescent I remember some years ago, when I was 12, looking at my science class and see the periodic table and the french version of the element Fluorine (Fluor) and then later use it for my Skype username...

Then I got stuck with Fluorescent
Author Posted on 2016/05/13
HackingMaster When I was 13, I had heard of "ROM hacking" and had decided to become a master at ROMhacking, hence "HackingMaster" ;3;
Not the most original username but still cool I guess.
Author Posted on 2016/05/23
Yushe Because it looks and sounds good.
Author Posted on 2016/06/08
NewSuperWario2 My on the original DSHack was Wario2 (no idea why I choose that name) and I thought that sounds better NewSuperWario2.
Author Posted on 2016/06/08
Thierry Ika thierree: a name I though of on Skype. I later used it here. No deep meaning.

Lineary: My current username at the time of this post. Is based on Linear's name, from Evolution (Dreamcast, Gamecube). I added -y because of Thierr-y, and to clarify the difference between the character's name and my username.
Author Posted on 2016/06/08
Platinatic Platinatic: It was originally "Platinaknife", something I made up when I was 12 because I needed a username. That later changed to "Platinatic" because I like that alot better.

I was going to change it to "Metashrew", but I ended up not doing it here because to avoid confusion.
That name originated from my favourite pokémon, Sandshrew, and the word meta.
Why meta? Because I just like that word for no reason at all.
Author Posted on 2016/07/05
Super-toad 65 Bah, this is my nickname on most sites. My old on wikia was Super-luigi 65 but on April 2015 i decided to change it to Super-toad 65. It's from super mario 64 because why not, the "-" i don't know why i add it and the 65 for whatever else -.-
Author Posted on 2016/07/12
Will Everyone called me 'Kitten' on minecraft, hence my username (Kittenguy1001) and while messing around on RVLution, I created two accounts, one called drwatson to test the register function (last time I tried a year ago it failed) and then made Kitten. 'Kitten' was banned, so I stuck with drwatson for a while then had it changed to xKitten. :P
Author Posted on 2016/07/23
★MαsterDιzzy My original username was supposed to be DCone because DC are the initials of my forename and name and because i wanted to be the "one" at doing things where i have some experience in (i created that nametag when i was 8 year old please X] )

After that, i decided to change my nametag "DCone" into "DCGameTek" because i wanted to show a bit more that i love gaming hence the "Game" in that nametag and i added "Tek" after that because it sounded good and that it is supposed to being spelled like "Tech" :P
Tech = Technology

After a few months, i became unsatisified of my nametag so i wanted to change it one more time...

So... originally i got the idea of renaming myself "Prince De Givre" (English translation : Prince of frost) but i think it was too different from my actual nametag so i have thinked of "xFreshDizzy" and i thinked it sounded pretty good and contains the words "Dizzy" who sounds really similar to "DC" and fits pretty well with what i do sometimes on the internet because sometimes, when i was hangin' out on some Source Game servers, i tried to make people laugh a lot with my imitations of well-known characters like Mario or Mickey Mouse while saying bad things with their voices and one day, i heard someone who was laughing so much he said "I'm gonna be dizzy ! XD* which pushed me even more get that nametag.

1 year later...

In December 2015...
I wanted to make a slight modification of my nametag for two reasons :

- xFreshDizzy doesn't make sense
- Fresh on what ? o0

And because of that, i decided to rename myself for the damn last time cause i renamed myself "xMasterDizzy" !

My story is complicated isn't it ?

P.S.: It was the abridged version of the story ;]
Author Posted on 2016/08/09
MK7tester I test MK7 shit. So i'm the MK7tester. Simple as that.
Author Posted on 2016/08/23
Megalegacy Well back in 2013 I got Minecraft for my birthday, and of course you have to have a username. So I chose Megalegacy98 because I thought of it like a big adventure and that I was going to leave some kind of "mega legacy" behind, also I thought the name was original. I added the 98 because I wanted numbers in my name, and something near 100. 99 seemed weird so I picked 98 instead.

Then it just stuck with me. Now on pretty much all sites, I'm usually Megalegacy or Megalegacy98.
Author Posted on 2016/11/05
Captain Famicom Simple. I LOVE THE FAMICOM
Author Posted on 2016/11/06
User 348 Mine is
Sam sonite
Plas il
ion 7
My name is 3 random things mixed up
Sometimes it's Samplasion7 or Samplasion11
Author Posted on 2016/11/14
Clearwater My current username, Clearwater, is actually the name for an OC I created for a Rio fanfiction a few years back. But I liked the name so much, I decided to take it as my own.
Author Posted on 2016/11/16
Yoshimaster Simple.

Yoshi is my favorite character.

The rest is my completely unimaginative side.